Can't find Vermintide 2 in Playstation Store. Why?

Currently, I am very interested in Vermintide 2, just in time, I have recharged $50 by use a playstation network 50 usd card in the store, and there is still left, so I am looking for this game in the ps store and want to buy this game.

I have searched all of them in the PS store, but I can’t find it anyway. It is confirmed to exist on the PS4. Is this game not suitable for this version?

I really want to get this game, any help is welcome.

From the Wikipedia page
“It is expected to be released on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.”

the game is curently in development for PS4. It should not take very long (as in few months) and i would bet a Christmas release but this is nothing of official. So not to far away for sure.