Vermintide 2 PS4 no Metacritic reviews?!

This is the first time ever I have seen a game without a single review on Meta after it’s release how is this even possible?!

I talk with so many people and nobody knows what vermintide is! Yes it is highlighted in the PSN Store but so are a lot of other random games. 4 streams on Christmas eve really? I told you to let more people into the Beta to give them atleast a change to try it out!

It’s a tricky situation since the game released on PC on March 8th, and on Xbox on July 11th. So while the first console release was 4 months after PC, the second console release was 9 months after PC. Yes, there have been major updates and the PS4 includes most (all?) of them, but it’s basically the same game that has already been reviewed twice.

Then add in that it released one week before the biggest holiday of the year and most media outlets are getting ready for a break, not trying to write up reviews and while it will win best co-op game of 2018, it will be mostly forgotten on PS4.

Hopefully the upcoming event will get some attention but unless all the review sites repost/update their reviews most gamers will miss that the PS4 version ever released.

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