Is the PS4 version of V2 available in Hong Kong?

I have a friend who lives in Hong Kong. He’s trying to buy the game, but he told me he was unable to get it off PSN there. Is the game not available in that region?

Unfortunately no, Vermintide 2 on the PS4 is not available for purchase in Asia. :frowning:

Why not? The first game was available there on PS4.

Will V2 on the PS4 ever be released in the Asian market?

Will it ever be released there?

At current we have no plans to release in Asia. Players have been known to work around this by creating another account based in another region - say, North America - which then allows them to purchase Vermintide 2.

Why is that? The first game was released in Asia. I had a lot of fun playing it with him and I was looking forward to doing the same with this one.

Would it be possible for him to create another account based in North America when he currently lives in Asia? How would one do that?

He could certainly create another PSN account based in North America whilst living in Asia, that won’t be a problem. All he’ll have to do is register using an address based in North America.

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