Will the game be playable after pre-purchase if region is now unavailable?

Well, theres not much to discuss here, this question mainly for devs.
Also, will vermintide 1/2 be removed from my region too? If no, why only Darktide?

small note: i saw GW link, they decided to withdraw it’s ip, i understand… but what will happen to other ips? will they be suspended as well?


@FatsharkLev @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge There are a lot of dedicated fans in Russia of Vermintide franchise. Don’t we deserve at least an explanation?


Isn’t it obvious? your government decided to be naughty and now no one wants to do business to save face.

just get an vpn, its gonna be like this for a while


Read OP, please.
There are some points that should be cleared about pre-orders, game pass availability of the game. If something changes it is common sense to make statement explaining situation.

GW position was stated on March, the 16th while game was availible for 2 weeks for the pre-order in Russia since June, the 1st. Fatshark is self-publishing company so it was their own desicion. Some explaining should happen. Also as you mentioned V1 and V2 are still availible for the purchase - smth doesn’t add up.



i was talking to you not the OP

on your coment you didnt state you also have the same problem of preorder unclarity.
so try to paint me like an idiot all you want, it was an misunderstanding…


Sorry if my comment insulted you. I just generally irritated by the situation.

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Guys, please, keep this clear. It’s not about sharing feelings on opinions, we need solid answers. And I don’t think that “vpn”(advise for the sake of advising) would do anything with pre-purchases/regional limitations that occurred or vermintide withdrawal.
So let’s just be patient and wait before someone from Fatshark joins the conversation. Thank you.

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Afternoon folks.

Yeah, there’s not much we can add, Games Workshop is halting releases in Russia for their own products and licenced ones also. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/03/16/an-important-note-on-russia-and-ukraine/.

Existing pre-orders, I believe, will be honoured.


what does honoured mean? like refund?

Anyone who pre-ordered will be able to keep the pre-order. Sorry for the confusion.


Sorry for necro-posting, but there’s one more thing that needs clarification.
From what I’ve heard, I understand that the game will use dedicated servers. And since supporting servers should be Fatshark responsibility, not Games Workshop one, here is the question to Fatshark: will Russian players be able to connect to EU region servers, assuming our pre-orders remain honoured? I mean, Games Workshop said nothing about blocking Russian networks, so I think there is no need to ban us, unless there is a direct demand of EU or Sweden government ofc, which i believe is not the case.

i think the halt issued by GW to release GW properties in Russia is targeted toward distribution of said products not the consumption, if you obtained a copy you should be able to play.

considering fatshark did not offered large scale refunds suggest that the product you receive will be in playable condition

(just a guess im no authority ofc)

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Something doesn’t add up. It was a long time since GW’s statement (March 16).

Newest released game - Shootas, Blood & Teef is available for RU market:


List of what is still avaiable for purchase:
Vermintide 1& 2,
Necromunda: Underhive Wars,
Necromunda: Hired Gun,
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1&2,
Inquisitor - Martyr,
Space Hulk: Deathwing,
… and so on.

Blocked games in RU region include:
Total War: Warhammer series,
Space Marine (Relic’s).
Chaos Gate,
Dawn of War series
… and so on.

Feels like very selective policy by GW, not enforced universally.
I guess there are different types of developers or games :man_shrugging: Some are under more scrutiny by their overlords (GW). But then again, why Vermintides are available, they should be locked too…


Agree they should be.

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yes, so that Fatshark’s explanation would be consistent, like GW is forcing their hand, not like FS on their own is attempting to virtue signal.

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I am pretty sure that the statements can easily change depending on further escalation and if Russia uses nuclear warfare as “preemptive strike” because of their lies about a dirty bomb being made in Ukraine, then it should be guaranteed that every game will be blocked.

seems like only new releases are affected. already published games are not, wich would mean that all the games who got pulled out are weren’t pulled by GW but rather their publisher or Devs respectively

Seems like every layman on their sofa has access to military intelligence information these days, all the while people actually doing gamedev and publishing cannot or would not give a straight answer.

That is of course if we just duck the whole question about collective punishment going from prohibited to norm.


They should either block it all or don’t block it at all. Also not being able to play Chaos gate demon hunters must really suck that game is a 10/10 then again they can batten down the hatches if you catch my drift.

…Talking points from mass media aside, we’re speaking about strange business decisions here, which just limits the profit and anti-capitalist in nature.

When Europe (and the world) is getting through economic (energy) crisis, why would anyone want to limit the income especially if the goods are digital (infinite), take no additional cost to produce&deliver.

There’s still trade going on, despite sanctions, between EU and Russia. The pipelined gas is still flowing through Ukraine & Turkey.

While coal imports from Russia have stopped and gas imports have decreased dramatically, the EU continues to import crude oil, oil products, LNG and pipelined gas worth approximately EUR 260 million per day.

LNG imports from Russia are rising

Although Russian LNG has accounted for just 8% of the European Union and U.K.’s gas imports since the start of March, the trade runs counter to the EU’s efforts to deprive Russia of fossil-fuel revenue.

to quote GW:

In light of this, Games Workshop is suspending all sales of Warhammer products into Russia.

sounds like an unconditional ban (if applied to videogames).

But then we have Shootas, Blood & Teef which is a new release (week old), and isn’t blocked.