Will the game be playable after pre-purchase if region is now unavailable?

Well, theres not much to discuss here, this question mainly for devs.
Also, will vermintide 1/2 be removed from my region too? If no, why only Darktide?

small note: i saw GW link, they decided to withdraw it’s ip, i understand… but what will happen to other ips? will they be suspended as well?


@FatsharkLev @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge There are a lot of dedicated fans in Russia of Vermintide franchise. Don’t we deserve at least an explanation?


Isn’t it obvious? your government decided to be naughty and now no one wants to do business to save face.

just get an vpn, its gonna be like this for a while

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Read OP, please.
There are some points that should be cleared about pre-orders, game pass availability of the game. If something changes it is common sense to make statement explaining situation.

GW position was stated on March, the 16th while game was availible for 2 weeks for the pre-order in Russia since June, the 1st. Fatshark is self-publishing company so it was their own desicion. Some explaining should happen. Also as you mentioned V1 and V2 are still availible for the purchase - smth doesn’t add up.


i was talking to you not the OP

on your coment you didnt state you also have the same problem of preorder unclarity.
so try to paint me like an idiot all you want, it was an misunderstanding…

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Sorry if my comment insulted you. I just generally irritated by the situation.

Guys, please, keep this clear. It’s not about sharing feelings on opinions, we need solid answers. And I don’t think that “vpn”(advise for the sake of advising) would do anything with pre-purchases/regional limitations that occurred or vermintide withdrawal.
So let’s just be patient and wait before someone from Fatshark joins the conversation. Thank you.

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Afternoon folks.

Yeah, there’s not much we can add, Games Workshop is halting releases in Russia for their own products and licenced ones also. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/03/16/an-important-note-on-russia-and-ukraine/.

Existing pre-orders, I believe, will be honoured.

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what does honoured mean? like refund?

Anyone who pre-ordered will be able to keep the pre-order. Sorry for the confusion.