Cannot play on the last mission: The Skittergate

I have completed all the act missions in the game and the last mission is still locked to me in the game. I would like to know what the issue is about and how to solve it.

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That’s strange. Can you post a screenshot of the menu when you are choosing which mission you want to play?

Have you tried to do the Festering grounds again? It’s greyed out in the screenshot.

its grey becuase I have done it on champ

Well, hard to tell if that’s grey or just a higher difficulty, after all it goes bronze, silver … based on the difficulty you have beaten it.
However: @OP, are you absolutely sure you have beaten all missions?
I’m asking because for me, all missions showed up with the colour they ‘attained’ from the open beta - or so I assume, actually they might just have had some colour. That means that, in the end, I had the Warcamp mission in bronze listed when actually, I didn’t ever beat it since release.
Could be something like that.

Thanks for the advice, I will do every mission again then.

Do act 3 again (or just warcamp) if you did it in the closed beta and not full release.

I’m in the same situation, can’t access the last mission but i have done everything else.

Well, no guarantee it’ll work by just replaying act 3. I heard the mission is rather buggy, anyways.

Am in the same boat, started to replay a few missions but have done them all already yet no Skittergate.

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