Cannot launch official realm due to Untrusted file

I cannot launch the official realm ,the error message says ‘‘untrusted game files’’
Easy anti cheat , system32\Xinput9-1-0.dll .
I don’t have any mods but when i join the
modded one i cannot open the chests and the challenges seemed to be bugged
(like a task to kill 15 elites is set to 83/15 , the bar going out of the screen
and being uncollectable) i already checked the game files twice and reinstalled
i also cut the anti cheat certificate then checked the game files to reinstall a new version
it didn’t change anything
The game , my PC and windows are fully updated , (and re-closed and re-opened the PC to be sure)
there seems to be no problem .
tanks for your time


Hey Franz! The most recent player I spoke to with this issue identified that his PC had a virus. So, that’s worth looking in to.

It is also the expected behaviour to not be able to open chests or complete Okri’s Challenges in the ‘Modded’ realm, to prevent exploitation.

Thank you for the response
How do i check if i have a virus/locate(destroy) it ?
(I understand this is not game related but i hope you maybe have a link)
Thank again

Hi! I cannot open the game normally in the Official Realm. A couple of days ago, Steam had an update to their client. I do not know if this is the problem. Just a shot in the dark.

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