Can we get this Unique Scab Stalker 3-round burst folding stock Kantrael MG IV Lasgun as a useable weapon for the players? Or just remake the current MG IV into this?

I love the Carbine look of the Kantrael MG IV Lasgun, but i don’t like that when i try to get the most out of this weapon in order to make it a useful weapon my finger starts to hurt.

So is there any possibility that the dear devs could remake the current MG IV lasgun into the same one but 3-round burst fire MG IV lasgun used by the Scab Shooters? The 3-round burst fire mode would make the MG IV lasgun more unique and cool and also no more finger hurt!

Also please give us the Moebian Sixth Scab Stalker Warning Stripes camo for the MG IV as well! I love it so much + folding stock is awesome.



Just wanted to say, I think something like this would be great.

Right from beta, a lot of folks said they found the MGIV to be strenuous to use on their hand, mainly because it has a ludicrous fire rate and no way to minimize the repetetive action strain via ingame options.

Simply making the MGIV a burst weapon solves the issue, and people can roleplay being Moebian as well. Double win!

Also, would be a bit more like the Catachan close range lasgun they use, though I think theirs is wielded one handed (very big arms).


At this point it might be better just to add a new lasgun than change the mk 4.

Not a new class of lasguns, just the one carbine burst fire one.


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