Can we get some weapon buffs?

there’s no wrong feeling
that’s just shifting the flagpole really.

there are 3 ways you could go about it.

dial everything back at to the be comparable to the least powerful weapons
dial everything up to be comparable to most powerful weapons
something in between.

at the end its personal question of how difficult the game should be,

while i agree with you that the endgame in DT currently is a breeze, i also have to say that some weapons don’t feel that fun to me, if they lack killing power.

great example would be the sapper shovel, its certainly usable, quite good actually but it takes ages to kill things both with its single target pattern and sweeping attacks, add to that that it has a very bland move set and it results in a snooze weapon.
i have to say V2 did balance out their weapons better imo enemies weren’t dmg sponges while most melee weapons weren’t op (without a a career synergize with it into outer space)

Imho its exactly that if I compare it to V2 where like 95% are good(what you call “too efficient”) and 5% bad.

I agree with your post in general. Wanted to react about this.
Yes shovel for the vets need something to be done.

I think you have understood what I pointed. I think that several weapons need buff, and several that need a nerf.

Yes. This means that they have balanced things.
What I think is that weapons feel bad cause of the too great weapons… In other words the weapons a little op.
The problem actually in darktide is that a lot of weapons are, or not enough efficient if we compare to the op ones, or worst, totally bad in all terms.

  • rashad is not fixed so you cannot use brutal momentum correctly (5 times over 6 it will fail).
  • Revolver has 5 bullets that you can fire before reloading… so under everything else. And this gun cannot kill a sniper with one bullet in damnation (you can with the right perk, but by doing this you loose lot of power)
  • last example thunderhammer. This weapon has a charged attack useless cause it hurts the first enemy and only it.

Hopefully they made autopistol good. They buffed the laspistol. And Catfish saud that balance tweak will come with next patch…

What I meant its exactly the other way around. The weapons you call op are V2 standard balance and the rest of the Darktide weapons are bad.

I have read lot of people that were saying that level 5 difficulty was harder in VT2.
You are the first that I read that seems to consider that it is the contrary.

I never said that. You grab something out of the air.
Darktide is easier but the weapons are worse.

Can you explain, then, what you mean by worse?

I wholeheartedly disagree here, because I think people would be spending a lot of their time experimenting with different builds and playstyles rather than being disparaged by failed rolls.

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Yah, and I think most people would agree. Non-agri braced and regular autoguns either need more ammo to compensate for their lower damage, or they need more damage, or some other unique utility. They kinda fit into the same underpowered feeling that the revolver gives people, that it doesn’t deal enough damage for the amount of ammo it has.

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Meh, I disagree. I think the meta is about set and making it easier to craft won’t change anything. People will just build the same weapons with slightly better percentages.

It will for some things. There are definitely blessing-dependent weapons, and some that need full stats to meet breakpoints. Regardless, there would likely still be more people playing because they have the item they want to play with, rather than those that quit because they can’t get there.

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Attack patterns, lack of cleave, lack of stats, how they feel(a bunch of clunky ones), how they handle different types of enemies/armors. Scale Armor being the obnoxious outstander. The CW from V2 is just way better.

I know the game is easier but i contribute that to different factors because to me who played both games its obvious its not the weapons but rather the amount of healing stations, the way downing is handled or Maulers/Crusher being far too weak in their damage output and Horde size should be increased.

I really liked about the CW in vermintide 2, that it was really important to do headshots and headshots could actually be performed reasonably well.

In darktide, it seems like many weapons have weird hit registration, where some attacks have animations and “hit areas” that do not quite align.
Against enemy ogryn, it is near impossible to do headshots with some melee weapons (maybe it is because my zealot is very short).

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It’s easier because in vt even slave rats will hit you for 60hp on cata, but common horde in dt don’t pose nearly as much individual risk.

Poor infested dmg and lack of proper cleave damage are the problems with all chain weapons, or part of their characteristics really. One reason why in terms overall dps Eviscerator (I don’t use other chain weapons) is far behind heavy swords.

You are absolutely right my dude, but unfortunately some blessings are ONLY tier 4.

That’s almost 6 hours on the hardest difficulty with 100% winrate to get one “adequate” weapon : ^ )

There is definitely not enough content, but I would not be burnt out and would still be no-lifing the absolute sh*t out of this game if I could craft what I want.

Same, might be playing more honestly. I’ve poured I don’t know how many thousands of plasteel into shotguns recently trying to get a no respite + full bore shotgun. Many many many hours of Damn missions later neither one has shown up above T2. I just wanna try an actually good shotgun roll to see how decent it can be, but I feel like I’m just throwing endless mats into the grinder. Honestly when RNG just decides to screw you it’s very demotivating.


When I swing a devil’s claw and all I achieve is tossing some chaff around, it doesn’t feel good. It never felt good, not even when I had no good weapons to compare it to.

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Don’t you like the half dozen variations of plain axes though?

Peh, chainswords, chain axes, thunder hammers? All that classic 40k best in class super cool stuff pales in comparison to the trusty sharpened metal wedge on a stick. Just as ol’ emps (praise him) intended.


Reading this reminded me how depressing is the fact that Caxes, Taxes, and heavy swords are way stronger than chain weapons and TH.