Can we get some weapon buffs?

The Agripinaa Mk I Infantry Autogun is one of Veteran’s best weapons. It’s a solid all-rounder that has enough headshot damage to one-tap all shooters outside of ult at good ranges. And when you get an intensity spike you can still mag dump–something the Kantrael only wishes it could do. It could do with an ammo increase for sure but it’s in a great place. I would only place the Bolter and the Kantrael MG XII above it because of how broken these weapons are.

The Columnus and Graia though? The Graia loses the one-tap headshot but only gets about 5-6 more bullets in a magazine. Both of the other versions desperately need more ammo.


I seriously dont understand the thinking here. Someone was like

ok we need to balance mundane weapons against special weapons
and this is important to get right because these weapons are truely iconic
alright so we flavor the special weapons with powerful charged special attacks that really characterize them
and maybe (for most of them) there will be some skill floor drawback required to get use out of that

Alright, cool. That makes sense.

then…to balance that out further we just make their normal attacks WORSE IN EVERY WAY.


yeah, just worse. Bad. Garbage. Like 2 or 3 times worse. Slow swing speeds. Bad damage. Low maueverability. You know. Garbage.

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Which means it’s not good. :person_tipping_hand:


No. It has access to some of the strongest blessings in the game so with them it’s very solid. Annoying to get a good one, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not bothering considering the system we still have in place for crafting. But saying blessing dependent weapons are not good is an incredibly bad take.

I do want to clarify further here that the general state of blessing balance is obviously not good, and ideally a bunch of base weapon stats would be brought up while the particularly absurd damage blessings get toned down. However as long as the blessing balance is how it currently is I’m not gonna assess the effectiveness of a weapon without the context of what it does with optimal blessings. Otherwise logically you’d have to make absurd assessments like calling Caxe V mid because of how it performs without brutal momentum and decimator.


I disagree, because it’s only really usable on the Veteran. The ammo capacity is laughably bad for Zealot and Psyker. A weapon has to be usable outside of class features and feats in my opinion.

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