Can we get some weapon buffs?

There’s so many weapons and majority of them feel like liability.
My favorite weapon is thunderhammer but holy cow that weapon is so slow and i can’t do anything with it’s low damage either. It’s useless against assassination bosses shields as well.
Heavy attack should have significantly more damage so it’s not just juggling enemies around making it harder for teammates to lands hit on them.
Many variations of other weapons feel identical and majority of them are considered trash for their not so convienent attack patterns or other things I haven’t had chance to wrap my head around yet.
Same goes for ranged weapons there’s only maybe 2 choices from vast pile of different varianted weapons.

Some rebalancing and buffing would do good IMO.

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So much of everything would do good, the list goes ever on, but I hear you. I would LOVE to actually love the chain axe, being a filthy CSM tabletop player myself, but alas, it’s shi…shilly. Not good, I mean.

Chaxe works well enough on Damnation in my experience. You absolutely do need good blessings but a slaughterer + thrust chaxe on Zealot is a legitimately good weapon.


I’ve heard the chain axe is like the worst of all current in game weapons.
I would love to see some more unf added to the special attack on thunder hammer like give it some aoe explosion so it’s not like you charge this powerful attack only to smack that one scab that clipped into you when you aimed for someone else and end up making yourself a target for next second and half due to recovering from the impact lol

I have almost 500 hours in the game and haven’t seen chain axe with that combo yet it’s alwas move speed or momentum

It was noticeably buffed twice. It’s legitimately good now it’s just blessing dependent.

Even one of those blessings make a noticeable difference. I’d recommend trying to get one with at least T3 slaughterer and it might surprise you.

Here we touch one of the keystones of “Why Itemization in Darktide is HORRIBLE.”

I would LOVE to try chainaxe with these combos. I would LOVE to spend time getting those combos. I HATE and WILL NOT play just randomly long enough to get them. Also dear alsozara, I know you have them, pointing out you got them in reasonable time does not in any way guarantee I will, so I will try to save us both the time here stating that replying “yes but I got them easily” isn’t an answer that makes anyone happy.


Don’t jump the gun I wasn’t suggesting it was easy to get a Chaxe with both blessings, just that it’s worth trying again even with just slaughterer, and getting a single decent blessing on a decent stat weapon is not too unreasonable to achieve. Yes I generally agree though that especially for highly blessing dependent weapons the current system still kinda sucks.

No, it needs a better cleave curve. A TH heavy swing does ZERO DAMAGE to targets beyond 2nd. And I mean literally zero.

No it’s 0 damage beyond THIRD target.

I don’t think that is necessarily bad, I’d just make the drop-off between the first and second target cleaved much smaller so with blessing/damage stacking it’s possible to kill the first two poxwalkers cleaved with heavies.

And the lights need to not be worthless, then it’d be pretty perfect.

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This is exactly why I said what I said. It might be reasonably done, getting the blessings. It might even be LIKELY, but there are two hard passes for me to get there.

  1. To get anything I need to log on daily on Ser Milks Fear of Missing Out shop
  2. I need to get lucky. I might not. Not ever. It’s within possibility I will never get it. It’s not even really astronomical.

I’m gonna grow old and grow a huge beard before even getting close to get anything I want in this game.

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Ogryn’s shield : hold my beer.

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Recon lasguns, shield, trauma staff, plasma gun, devil claws, revolver. Probably missed a few, but these ones are egregiously bad.

Shotgun and Revolver certainly some buff, for weapons with deliberate reload they really don’t seem to pack a lot of punch.

Shotgun especially, in Damnation I have to put like 3-4 point blank shots into an elite to kill them. Sure it knock them on their ass but the damage is just not there. Make me feel like I’m using rubber shell or something.

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Your feeling is wrong…

This is not that 95% of the weapons are bad… You should consider that the 5% too efficient weapons are overpowered.

The CHADaxe is my current favorite weapon on the Zealot. I’m using Slaughterer + Thrust, but Headtaker can work fine instead of Thrust in my experience.

I have a +3 Stam Curio and two Curios with +10% Stam Regen. I use the Push Attack liberally and horde clear is ZERO problem.

Takes care of Crushers, Ragers and Mutants. Love it.

Edit: I should add I play Damnation with it.

It’s a problem though that you need 3-4 secondary hits to kill a Poxwalker on Damnation. Takes forever to clear a horde even if you are relatively safe because of the stagger.

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Don’t rely on the FOMO shop though.

The way I build weapons (and for the record not saying this is optimal or even enjoyable) is I buy Profanes from the armory and upgrade them to Blue - if they have one of the Blessings I want I keep it. Two Damnation runs generally gives me enough materials two upgrade 5 weapons to Blue. Even if a weapon from the Armory has lousy stats you can still use Earn Blessing on it and use the Blessing on a better weapon later.

It should be noted to the good people here that you don’t need tier IV blessings to play Damnation…

Edit: I think I did about 12 successful Damnations runs and upgrade around 25-30 Chain Axes before I got the combination I wanted with adequate stats.

I agree completely the current Item/Crafting system sucks. But let’s be real here. If they gave us the system we wanted from the get go the game would’ve been dead for a month. The truth is there’s just not enough content yet, so they have to hide that fact behind needless rng.

Infantry Autoguns. Do anyone use them? I want to like the Autoguns but beyond the Braced Mk VIII and the Headhunter Mk III I feel they are completely useless. To be fair, I’ve mainly tested them on the Zealot and haven’t tried them on the Veteran (or Psyker), but I feel like they at least should be usable without Class+Feat enhancements.

They generally lack ammo (especially the Infantry variants) and, well, identity? The Lasguns do what the Autoguns do, but better.

The Braced Mk VIII works well because it pierces a lot of units, so it clears space easily. Also handles Ragers well.
The Headhunter Mk III works well because you one-shot (well, one-burst) all non-elites/specials.

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