Can we get Kruber's M&S mace red illusion for 1h Mace please? :)

Title. I like the way the mace looks so much better than the 1h mace red illusion right now, it’s just a glorified club and it is hilarious to think that you’d run around as FK charging into CW and beating them to a pulp with nothing but a magic piece of wood :smiley:

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Heh. My opinion is just the opposite; I think the M&S higher rarity illusions are ugly on the mace’s part. In any case, more variance would be appreciated.


I see what you mean and I agree. Might as well give Mace and Sword an illusion consisting of the other 2 reds (though I’d rather have them keep the sword. The other sword illusion is just booooooooring). :slight_smile:

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