Can the cheesy swiftbow go?

I’ve increasingly seen people playing with macroed swiftbow. A gameplay that requires super-human levels of input just can’t be right.

I’m not contesting the legitimacy of using macros. I’m arguing that’s an obvious overlook if a simple script can get results far superior than what a human is capable of.
I tested it and for my 6.5 c/s using an automated macro would give me 60% more dps.

My suggestion is that firstly the fire rate of the swift bow should be capped at a reasonable rate.
Then the swiftbow charged attacks could be looked into. From my analysis you lose about 35% dps (against manual fire) when firing only charged attacks.


This was an issue in VT1, as well. I agree that the max fire rate should be capped to something reasonable, but I also think the light-attack should just fire continually when held down. It’s not healthy for your tendons to run several swiftbow maps in a row as it stands!

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