Swift bow quick fire traction

I noticed that the swift bow has an ever so slightly traction on it’s quick fire, down to the right (about 45°). I do not think this is intended (at least i hope not).

It’s not as noticable in combat on close range as it is on mid to high range.

Also, just to prevent the question, yes, everything is ok with my mouse, but i went ahead and bound attack to an hotkey on my keyboard and unplugged the mouse to be sure, was still the same.

Proof with longbow:

I’m honestly confused i’m the first to report it, i never played a lot with swift bow, also maybe once since 2.0. I found it out by testing if only scrounger is enough for ammo gain or if i would need to add Kurnous Reward (answer is: most of the time it’s enough). Did a lot of shooting on the dummy, noticed the traction almost immediately.

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