BW conflag DoT doing 0 to SV in metal weaves (charon)

I used a conflagration staff on level 46 of the weaves with the battle wizard on the modded server with the modification “show damage”. The staff’s geyser does 0 damage when fully loaded (with the little “swoosh” sound playing) when applied to stormvermins. The DoT stays and continue to do 0 damage. I am wondering if it is the intended damage of the conflagration staff on those weaves.

The damage works on infantry as intended. It continues until they are dead with lingering flames.

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I think I know the answer to your question. That is because armor is upgraded on metal weaves. Units like Storm Vermin end up having super armor(like chaos warriors), making them immune to the burning DoT unless you use a strength potion. How do I know this? Because the behavior is identical to chaos warriors and other super armor. See the following:

Storm Vermin

Chaos Warrior

There is no higher armor class than super armor, so Chaos Warriors just have more health with no upgrade to their armor class.


I have the same experience as @OenKrad. I’d just like to add that you’ll likely find flamers, ratling gunners and stormfiends in Chamon waves. They’re all armored and thus no dot damage. The only thing lingering flames is good for in that particular weaves is to get the weave related challenge (bladestorm 120sec).

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