lingering fire (Battle Wiz)

Doing 0 damage on Chaos Warrior

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They always have?
Fire DoTs deal no damage to super armour unless you’ve got a strength going.


what the hell, how come i dont know this and I’ve played almost 700 hours, is there an instruction manual somewhere?

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use the moded realm. Load up some mods with creature spawner and damage numbers. Start wacking at some things.

Resources like the wiki exist, but you’ll likely find certain things out-dated as of the release of Winds of Magic. Still, things like armor classes and stuff are the same for the old enemies even if hitpoints and stuff has changed. The terminology there is a bit odd too. Like they’ll say “bulwark” or “resistant”, but the things they’re talking about are referred to by other more common names. E.G. Resistant is better known as Monster. There are a lot of pages on the wiki so it’s a lot to keep up with. Makes sense stuff doesn’t get updated lightning fast.

If there was a more compressed and simple manual(s)(rather than sifting through page after page of wiki), what would you want?



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