Battlemage Lava Walker

So whats the point of it. Fire Walk deals 0 dmg with Lava Walker it still deals 0 dmg. Having it linger 10sec insted of 7 is just so plain stupit it makes no sense at all. If its a Bug plz fix asap.

It deals damage, just not a lot. I’ll have to test later to see how much, but I see it set rats on fire and it triggers FF voice lines from teammates.

EDIT I do agree Lava Walker seems like a useless talent either way.

Not like CD talent is much more useful, or 50% of level 25 talents on other careers are better.

Though balancing is very hard. Even Blizzard have much less than 50% of talents viable in their games. I don’t think that VT2 is so much more different in that regard than most other games.

Ok I tested it again on Legend but this time i was able to kill my bots and pull only 1 chaos mob and yes u right it deals dmg it took me 3 Fire Walks to kill him :open_mouth: so dmg is very low and after i died it doesnt show up on the End screen thats why i thought that it deals 0 dmg.

So Lava Walker is still very bad and definetly needs a buff but a least its not completely useless :wink:

Can it redirect mobs like an Incendiary Bomb does, though? I haven’t tried it and assume it doesn’t but if it does, that’d be pretty cool and have some tactical value.

No enemies will run straight through the fire. Maybe thats the kind of buff it need then the 3sec more would make a difference

That’s a shame. I’d love to see that as it would certainly make the class more viable and give it a unique and lore appropriate battlefield control capability.

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