Battle Wizard's Kaboom talent not dealing "increased" burn damage

Playing around in the modded realm to look at burn ticks and damage and what not, and noticed that kaboom doesn’t have any increased burn damage as advertised. Deals the same burn damage as the Fire Sword (and at slower ticks sometimes as well), and it deals the same damage as the Burnout talent (Double blink), so I was just a bit confused by this.

Is this issue acknowledged, is it being worked on? As I noticed similar posts in late August I think, addressing similar problems (No burn damage or initial damage at all, etc), so I’m wondering if this is an ongoing issue that is planned to be resolved sometime soon.

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Pretty sure its just supposed to be double the burn tickrate of burnout though kaboom has 2 explosions one where you initiate it and one where the ult ends but only the one where the ult ends has the 2x dot ticks whereas the one where its initiated is just 1x.

Its current issue is sometimes it deals the faster tick rate and other times it doesn’t. So sometimes you get a regular firewalk DoT and other times you get the Kaboom! one.


It’s very consistent, the start AoE just still applies the normal firewalk DoT and is applied first.

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