Lets talk about the battlemage

Hi all!

Please take this as feedback and not a battering of a archtype.

Im sure im not in a minority here, but i cant find a use for her (over 1.5k hours in)

Beyond being a closet flamer (no pun intended) OR perhaps a stunner with conflag?

with the changes to heatsink, even the bolt staff is hard to keep up during intence combat. couple that with little meele talant support and a low-mod dodge, and a low hp pool…

I mean if here role (battlemage) is to simply ministun or clear a few rats/zombos thats fine, but i find with any other class/archtype, they can do every role well!


i can understand opening new topics when there is only really old or closed once on a subject
i cant however understand whats so hard about simply putting your opinion in a topic that is allready open, is about the same subject and allready has a ton of replies …


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