hello to all and sorry for my English. In the caskets I found a red weapon, but I don’t find it in the endowments of the heroes! is it a bug or what? thanks to those who want to help me

From the context I assume that by “endowments of the heroes” you mean the Commendation chest you receive every time you level up a career? These chests can drop red weapons as well, though I am not sure what the drop rate is right now. It’s just a matter of luck.

Also are you use you are referring to V1 and not V2? If not, I’m not too sure what you mean by caskets that drop weapons.

V2 , I have drop a red weapon in the caskets. the problem is that I can’t find it in the heroes’ equipment!

So you mean cosmetic headgear? Commendation chests have pretty low drop chance. There are cases in which people opened over 100 chests and did not get a single hat. It’s pretty much pure luck if you get one.
Your best bet is to save up shillings from dailies and weeklies and then buy cosmetics you want from Lohner.

What character did you open it with? Some characters have weapons that are restricted to one class (For example, only the Ironbreaker class can use the Dwarf’s flamethrower, only the Slayer class can use the dual axes, etc)

Ah you are right, I misunderstood his inquiry.

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