Bug with animations

Platform - steam
Greetings! I have 2 characters of level 30 on one of them (veteran sniper) there is a bug that has not left me since the beta bugs with animations of long-range and melee weapons, this always happens in the middle of the match, weapon animations seem to start to lag, “phantom” strikes appear and shots sound weapons that shoot single shots can turn into a minigun and melee weapons interrupt the animation of hits and constantly twitch and make clipping sounds also the recoil of the weapon increases and it lifts up a lot more than usual this bug is only on one of my two characters I created another one veteran sniper and he was fine

console-2022-12-03-18.13.37-f0f39291-d4b8-464e-9465-0b690e7fcbc5.log (755.6 KB)