Bug - stamina doesn't change after changing weapon

Let’s say i play Slayer with dual axes (4 stamina) and 1h hammer (11 stamina).
If dual axes don’t have full stamina and i switch to 1h hammer, my stamina won’t change - still having the same stamina and same max (4) stamina, even though i’m holding 1h hammer.

Sometimes my stamina and max stamina does increase properly, but it suddenly changes itself to max stamina of dual axes, even though i’m holding 1h hammer.

Which is pretty annoying, if one of my weapons is for offense, and the other more for defence - i switch weapons to clutch, but my stamina is the same. Seems like the process of regenerating stamina somehow automatically reverts stamina stats to previous weapon.


Have you tested if it actually makes you get stun-locked more faster when you get hit by an overhead for example when you have less stamina? If you don’t get stun-locked then it might just be a visual glitch, but I might be wrong

Afaik this is only a visual bug with the number of shields, but your stamina value is correct.
I could be wrong.

EDIT : I’m pretty sure this is a visual bug because when you swap from a 4 stamina to a 13 stamina weapon (while blocking), the shields do change from 2 to 6 1/2 indicating that the value changes ; however when you switch back, the shields don’t change (though the value does) and only two disappear when you release block, the other 4 1/2 remain until you block again.

I think this is just a visual bug. Are you holding block when you swap weapons? I do find that the stamina shields will appear correctly visually when you swap weapons outside of blocking then proceed to block as normal.

I do not think it takes away from your stamina so it’s still safe to swap while blocking. There are times when I swap from ranged to melee on other heroes and I’ll get a missing stamina shield in the center. It looks weird af and I do hope it gets fixed soon.

Regardless of whether or not it’s just a visual bug, it should probably get fixed as it’s very misleading.

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