No above 1 stamina bonus

Issue Summary:
So far with my Waystalker I have confirmed that my Glaive and my necklace who both have +2 stamina as a bonus, only provide +1 each. I can’t believe no one has noticed. LOL

In the screenshots you can see I have 2 items providing +2 stamina. With a Glaive, that has base 2 shields, I should be having 6 when I block, but I only have 4. I also double checked that not 1 item gives the bonus fully and the other doesn’t stack. When I use just 1, it’s still only 3 shields instead of 4.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Check your stamina while blocking to see your number of stamina shields.
  2. Unequip/Equip an item that’s supposed to give you +2. You’ll see :slight_smile:

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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1 shield = 2 stamina.

1 stamina is represented by a crippled shield icon and 2 by a complete shield icon.


2 Stamina ≠ 2 Shield, as above ^

oh dear, how embarrassing for OP =P
although… i would kinda say it would make more sense, to show 1 shield as 1 stam

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I wouldn’t say it’s embarassing :slight_smile: It’s just one of those things that’s probably not as clear as it could be, more a reflection on our interface I’d suggest.


Well, 2 stamina = 1 shield is a fact. I think confusion here starts because interface of weapon properties says “Stamina: 2” and then shows 2 shields, which actually is 4 stamina. Perhaps weapon property window should say “Stamina shields” instead of just “Stamina”?

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Replacing 1 stamina with ½ shield and 2 with 1 shield wouldn’t hurt.

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