Stamina issue

Anyone else ever started a match with the wrong stamina but then after a while it corrects itself? In my case it’s one less at the start than it should be, then a bit later it’s ok…

Are you sure one of your weapons doesn’t have +1/2 Stamina as a Perk? They are only active while the weapon is out.

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different weapons also effect your stamina bar, with or without perks/ blessings, some just give you a higher total amount of stamina by default

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100% none of my weapons have stam, I start the match with 10 stam but then after say three minutes it corrects to 11, it’s really strange. Everything works fine in the meat grinder zone, it’s once in a playable map.

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Ignore, it’s me being stupid, I didn’t know different weapons have different stam built into them.


At least you’re honest with yourself, best way to learn and get better.
“Knowledge is power”

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Do watch out for if you change a curio out for a stamina one just before a match though, sometimes it just decides to try to gasslight you “No you still have the other one on you never had a stamina one.”

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it’s all good! this game is confusing AF 90% of the time but pressing V to inspect a weapon
and then pressing E to view attack pattern breakdowns can very much help to fill knowledge gaps for allot of situations, (or YouTube YouTube is super handy)

you can ever hover over the modifiers in that screen to see what each one actually does with a more detailed explanation

on of my biggest problems with this game is that, this is not explained to new players in any way whatsoever,

stuff like this can feel a little overwhelming for new players as well showing them where to find all the advance stats, may have a negative effect, scaring people away from the game so i don’t really have a solid solution to the problem

if your just here to play and have fun, you can do so without ever looking at weapon stats, making a super optimized build or otherwise, at the end of they day, were all just swinging weapons around and killing heretics

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