Bug report: Trappers don't look up and look like they target someone else if they are under a player, and their projectile needs to be changed

Issue Type (Required):

Enemy Mechanics

Issue Description (Required):

Issue one, not looking up: If you are on a balcony with an entrance down there, like the Hab Dreyko begining where you drop down to tunnels, trapper will look like she is targeting someone down there, shoot and get you through the concrete.

Issue two: Point blank grabs through concrete. In the tree poisoning puzzle mini game, trappers drop from up but if you are literally point blank 90 degrees, she will still grab you through the concrete but won’t be able to pull you up because player hitbox can’t go through concrete unlike the trapper net.

Issue three: The net’s tracking has to be broken with dodges. If the trapper targets someone in the blitz, and I instinctively hit side dodge when I hear the net shooting sound, right into her net, I shouldn’t be grabbed by the net because I wasn’t the addressee of the net in the first place.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):


Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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