[bug] No lobbies showing up due to empty 'difficulty' data (was also a bug in Vermintide 2)

Issue Summary: In the lobby browser, occasionally no lobbies will show up even if difficulty is set to ‘Any’ and search distance is set to ‘World’.

However, when I switch ‘Show lobbies’ from ‘Joinable’ to ‘All’, lobbies will show up but difficulty is shown as “-” in the Difficulty column and are all unjoinable.

Note: This is similar to (or exactly the same) bug previously reported for Vermintide 2:

It has since been fixed in Vermintide 2 in patch, but this issue persists in Vermintide 1.

  • Fixes an issue with some lobbies not showing up in the lobby browser.

Reproduction Rate: Unusual (< 25%)

I have been able to fix it in Vermintide 1 by modding the game to also include the code implemented by Fatshark to fix the issue in Vermintide 2 patch, specifically this code in scripts/network/lobby_steam.lua - function LobbyInternal.get_lobby:

local formatted_lobby_data = {}

for key, value in pairs(lobby_data_all) do
	formatted_lobby_data[string.lower(key)] = value

return formatted_lobby_data

Screenshots (from the post by @IamLupo linked above):

I wish there was a fix for this bug as I experience it quite often.
Just today I’ve tried:

  • computer & router restart
  • verified integrity of game
  • cleared download cache
  • changed download region

Even after all of that, the problem persists and I cannot join any other games.

Fatshark please help! The first game still has a healthy player base, this would only help bump those numbers up.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu