Bug-like - bolter slide on autogun happens on weapon draw when the gun is empty

Issue Description:
The behavior works as expected but I write this as a bug as it should not happen probably.

Let’s take for example a MKI Agripinaa infantry autogun.
This gun has a bolt racking animation anytime it is drawn.

This bolt racking animation even plays when the gun is empty.

So, with the bolter changes, maybe this bolt racking will be changed for all guns too (hopefully).
If not, then at least there should be no bolt racking happening when switching to the gun when this gun is empty. We should be able to switch to it and reload it straight away.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Use MKI Agripinaa infantry autogun (or any gun with a bolt racking animation)
  2. Empty gun, switch to melee
  3. Switch to gun : bolt racking animation plays even when the gun is empty
  4. Wait for the bolt racking stuff to happen before being able to reload the gun.
  5. Expected behavior: no bolt racking when gun is empty


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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