Bug - Fewer weekly quests than usual (4 instead of 7)

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Today (Monday, 19/10/2020 dd/mm/yyyy format), I had trouble launching the game, it would crash before reaching the main menu. After a file verification and a reboot, I was finally able to reach my lobby but then I noticed that I only received 4 weeklies instead of the usual 7.

Did you try restarting your game again?

It might be an issue where they don’t recognise you have the dlc’s unlocked. If that doesn’t work, i have no idea.

I rebooted both the game and steam, it didn’t change anything.

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Please PM me the URL to your Steam profile, we’ll check it out.

A friend of mine has the exact same problem, 4 weekly quests instead of 7 and funny thing the 4 weekly quests he has are the same as mine (I don’t know if that’s relevant). Would you like me to forward his steam profile url to you as well?

This issue has happened to me too. It seems to be related to the bug where DLC ownership is occasionally not recognized by Steam: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360005177317--PC-Help-Why-Have-My-Items-Disappeared-

I believe restarting won’t help with the missing weeklies, but FatsharkJulia can probably put those back.

Note that favorited DLC items will get unfavorited if the items disappear due to the ‘DLC Ownership not being recognized’ bug, so check your favorited DLC items.

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This exact same thing happened to me once as well. DLC wasn’t recognised because of the known bug (which also caused unfavoriting and unequipping my gear, etc.) at the exact time the new weeklies would have loaded in. Because the game thought I didn’t have DLC, I got less weekly quests than usual as well.

Thanks for the replies guys !

Yes, I’m pretty sure this is linked to the dlc ownership bug as most of my dlc skins/weapons got unequipped. Moreover the friend of mine who got the exact same bug managed to connect on his first try but got spammed with items received notifications as if he had just bought them.

I don’t know if what happened to me is linked to the DLC ownership bug but last night when I logged into the game, I was greeted by a long stream of NEW ITEM notifications.

Things I’ve already owned like the V1 outfits and the 2 paid DLC hats I bought (for BH and FK).

It wasn’t just the notifications but the game actually UNEQUIPPED those items off of my heroes. I put them all back on but definitely thought it was weird.

That sound exactly like how it happens, actually. Pretty certain it was the bug.

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