I have not received new weekly quests

So I logged in today after patching for patch 1.2.1 and was going to check my new weekly quests, as I wasn’t able to log in yesterday (2018-10-15), but I didn’t have any new weekly quests. It only tells me that I will have new weekly quests after 5 days.

I am sure that the previous quests were handed in in time as my friend handed in his quests at the same time as me and he got his new weekly quets.

Its a sub menu now.
Go to weekly, click on it, now below will be a sub menu “Bogenhafen.”

Nevermind, I’m just stupid I didn’t see the tab under weekly quests for Bögenhafen.

hi, I’ve been waiting two weeks and the weekly quests are not updated (¿only for me? my friends works), I dont see buttons or secondary menus

Do you own the DLC? The Weeklies are open only for DLC owners.

only had missions until the DLC came out?
before I had missions. and not now??

Are you perhaps confusing Daily quests and Weekly quests? The weekly quests are for the bögenhafen DLC, which give you new costumes/hats and purple weapon skins.

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