Bruh Moment

I replied “No :muscle:” to a post that claimed “Survivalist is unhealthy for the game”, got a bunch of likes and then my reply mysteriously got flagged and taken down for being “off-topic”? :skull:

Someone on here definitely doesn’t like me :rofl:


It’s an internet forum. People are gonna not like you for your opinions, and then some people are gonna be petty.

It is what is.

Look at it this way though, if you’ve only had one comment taken down then you’re doing better than most the regular posters.


My “can’t tell if troll or… [stock photo of an idiot]” post was removed as well. Happens. Literally the only message I’ve had removed on the forums.


I’m on 3, but I only became a regular poster in like November I think. So…lol.

My biggest issue is that tone does not convey through text at all, and it’s something I keep forgetting.


It’s “funny” enough that the system doesn’t count likes at all, so just a few flags “I don’t like it” are more than enough to be auto-removed regardless of whether the content is being flagged correctly or not.


According to this it was a “Staff Member” which makes it even funnier, considering that a real person apparently looked at this and went “Yeah, this guy’s opinion on this issue is irrelevant because someone flagged it during a temper tantrum.”

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I’d just lol and keep the screenshot as a badge of honor


Nosh! :meat_on_bone:

They’re all removed by staff.

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I’m honestly shocked that I personally have 0 comments taken down so far.

A decent number of my comments are not exactly nice and I don’t mince words, especially when I’m “mean” to someone.

So to see “No :muscle:” get removed for being off topic, is hysterical to me.

If that’s how seriously we took being on topic, 80% of the comments and threads would have to be removed.

I’m not exactly happy with seeing petty BS like this being enforced, especially when the implication makes less than 0 sense.


Ahh, makes sense.

I plan to :wink:

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At least mine was mean-spirited enough to be considered “offensive” (though, in my defense I genuinely couldn’t tell if they are trolls or idiots because after checking a few of their posts I cannot lean one way or the other) but the “No :muscle:” as “off-topic” is hilarious given that it isn’t even off-topic, just a direct response to the title and post.


In fairness, “No :muscle:” isn’t adding much to the discussion. IMO, it’d fall foul of

Don’t post no-content replies

Hardly the most egregious of posts to report, but :person_shrugging:

And a relevant Family Guy clip, for your viewing pleasure


Technically… I think violates a guideline? Like it’s definitely a reply that’s devoid of content, it just takes away from potential discussion.

Actually, reading the guidelines more thoroughly it does violate more than 1 guideline and possibly more depending on interpretation.

That’s a damn sad state of the community if that’s true, and a failure on the administration’s end to facilitate a good community. I like to think it’s not true but I’ve seen a lot of terrible posts with more frequency since Darktide released.


Of course, as it should, having people agree and like something doesn’t mean it’s a good or bad post. It’s still subject to the rules/guidelines regardless of whether or not people agree.

Having a post get flagged (by multiple users) makes a post automatically hidden at some point, waiting for it be handled by staff, it’s not automatically removed. I’ve seen flagged and hidden posts come back up on rare occasion.

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Same happened to me! My first post that was taken down by a flag!
Which is supprising because, I was expecting something like that long time ago…

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I’d almost rather see “no content” replies than some of the replies I’ve been seeing taking up minutes of time to read and ultimately being a waste of said time… thinking of a specific topic here when I say this and I wish there were ways to full-on block people AND topics in the forums not just “ignore” a poster.

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I think you’ll be pleased to read then that you can indeed block a post from giving you notifications and from it showing up on the forum page. Just use the bell that you see underneath the sidebar and/or use the bell that shows at the bottom of a thread.

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I am blind.

Though that doesn’t resolve my inability to block a user.

I know there’s access to a mute or ignore feature, but nothing more useful that would prevent them from DMing.

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