Broken Zealot feats: Thy Wrath Be Swift & Faith Restores All

Thy wrath be swift:
Currently picking this talent will break The Emperor’s Will & Benediction.

Faith restores all:
Currently using Faith Restores All will trigger other Preacher’s Until Death when you trigger your own.

If you ctrl+F and search for “currently” you’ll find more broken feats for other classes as well.

No log files needed, each can be confirmed and reproduced ingame with another Zealot as of Patch 1.0.21

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Oof bad ones. It seems I have to read Royale’s Steam guide on a daily basis to see what got added.

P.S. It’s also a good place to comment if you discover something as he will update it and it ha a lot of visibility.

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Lol it’s also hilarious to look at how anemic they made the psyker without any real gear/feat compensation or logic to it except that they’re skinny nerds.

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