Broken spawns and weak hordes are ruining the game

not sure how much longer i can hold out playing this game if the game isn’t even working. its soo much more fun when there are impossible odds and you have to use every fiber of your being to get out alive. thats what tide games are. PLEASE FIX SPAWNS

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yeah I literally blew myself up the other day pre charging a brain burst and sliding around on a tox gas maelstrom. I was holding it for so long and didn’t see any enemies until I guess the exact frame it hit 97 peril for letting go so I exploded. 2 rooms with no ambients, highest spawn mod apparently. Come on charlie.


Consinment yard mid map event is the worst.
It used to have constant hordes coming in.
Now it gets barely anything until the event is almost done.
Overall, the event gets maybe 20% of the spawns that it used to get.

When there were lots of spawns, players would usually stick together in a strategic location, then move to the hacking terminal together, when the objective updated.

Now, everyone just stands in some random location and waits.
You don’t even really need to defend the hacking player anymore, because the spawns are so low.


Amazing how many people don’t notice it and think spawns are completely fine.

There are a lot of events that need a complete upgrade. Like the end event on refinery delta 17. That one is sooooo boring. Consignment yard like you said as well, that entire map is too easy, the final event on Warren 16 is too easy, the final event in that one mission where you have to insert the 3 cryonic rods (i forgot the name). I would like to see some substantial changes to a lot of the events, like what they did with Hab Dreyko

All the “new” finale spawns, even Hab Dreyko are just:
00 Horde
01 Melee elites
02 Bruisers/Shooters
03 Ranged elites
04 goto 00

With a sprinkling of specialists.

Some finales have a wave of melee elites after an objective is done.

Hab Dreyko had a fresh coat of paint and one of the worst minigames I’ve experienced but the spawns wasn’t changed (from the change done to it post patch 13).

The issue with most finales is that they are way too predictable, they are only rarely subjected to the rules changes that modifiers are supposed to give and the spawn compositions themselves are too static and reliant on mono-unit groups.

The only finale I find hilarious is ironically Enclavuum Baross since it has ogryns in the spawn lists.

In general spawns have been weaker since patch 13 when they removed static idle hordes and split hordes into more waves to reduce the number of enemies onscreen at once, but keep the horde sizes the “same”.

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