Brief QOL Wishlist

Ius MK.III Shredder Autopistol needs Run 'N Gun, either native or as a blessing.

Chastise The Wicked needs to be activatable while sliding.
Chastise The Wicked needs to be able to traverse small ledges.
Please consider unlocking the camera while using Chastise The Wicked, so players can compensate for recoil while firing a gun mid-charge. A 30 degree cone of aiming with 25% aim speed would be sufficient.

Flashlight needs to be togglable during reload animation.

Please consider a new blessing for high suppression guns: chance to grant ammo to reserves when suppressing enemies.


The Shredder Pistol and Chastise changes would be nice, I agree. However, high-suppression guns and having to balance ammo consumption seems like a well-balanced trade-off to me. I don’t think you should be “rewarded” with ammo for suppression, you are rewarded with not getting shot back.

I don’t think you should be “rewarded” with ammo for suppression, you are rewarded with not getting shot back.

Keep in mind, I’m not asking for that to become base functionality, just a blessing that has an RNG chance to roll, and has an RNG chance to proc. One of the reasons why I suggest such a blessing is because of the prevalence of the Kantrael Mg XII, which outright kills much more efficiently than other weapons can suppress. The question is often, “why suppress, when I can kill?”, and I don’t think the game has a good answer for that.

To clarify, the weapon families I’d target are specifically the Braced Autoguns and the Autopistol, those that have high ROF but low sustained accuracy.

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Great suggestions, agree with all of them.

  • For balance, Autopistol’s main shortcoming right now is ammo, but it’s surprising to discover it doesn’t even have Run n Gun as an option, and it makes a lot of sense to have it built in to some/all pistols.
  • Better control during Chastise would also be great. Obviously just some control, and not perfect 100% mouselook.

I’ve always had issue with the charge (jump/dive) into battle ults in the tide games; not getting instant feedback that you’ve pressed the Ult button and missed the opportunity of a timed attack as you tripped over a step or an enemy clipped you… Totally agree whatever button ur pressing whilst ulting shouldnt matter jumping/crouching/shooting/blocking/reviving/up or down ramps/stairs… if you ult into a wall or over a ledge then thats funny but every other time it should be going into battle… (think Bardin Slayer needs a barrel launcher from Darktide for his Ulti…)