Brain burst sound effects (screeching in your ears, etc) are really obnoxious

I have played psyker up to level 30 and i have gotten quite good with the class, however i am finding it to be really difficult to play this class simply because the audio feedback you get from using brain burst is very loud and obnoxious.

In many situations i will use upward of 10 consecutive brain bursts to deal with high priority enemies.

Do you know what this sounds like?

Constant screeching in my ears from being at max peril, plus heartbeat noises, plus ambient voices (chaos?) shouting in my ears.

I get that being at max peril should reduce your situational audio awareness (it’s harder to hear enemies creeping on you when you’re at max peril) but the other audio feedback is really oppressive and for me it is a bit too much sensory overload.

Can we have an option to either reduce the volume of the psyker noises or perhaps disable them entirely? Surely there’s a simpler white noise sound paired with reduction of volume for other game noises that can achieve the same thing without making it so obnoxious to play the Psyker as intended.

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I am curious as to what difficulty you play and what situations you are in where you would want to use BB that many times in a row vs providing CC with your staff/sword. 10 BB’s would assume there are 10 total Elites/Specials on the screen at one time which means no one else was able to kill a single one in over 20 seconds of play time and you were also mostly immobile for that length of time as well.


If you have a more hordes modifier it’s not uncommon to have a shitload of specials constantly popping up.

If you have an ogryn or someone else handling the chaff mobs then it makes you more free to assist the sharpshooter in dealing with the pesky enemies that are more difficult to deal with

In any case, even if you’re only using 3-4 brain bursts the point still stands that the effects are a bit much. Is it thematically nice? Sure… But for sustained gameplay it gets old and obnoxious pretty quickly.

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Totally agree on the sound effects. It could be leveled out and made much less annoying.

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“[the] feedback is really oppressive,”

The game really immerses you in the experience of being a psyker in 40k /s :joy::joy:


Going to disagree here. BB sounds just as gory as a brain bursting should… As for the sounds and voices, they are a part of the Psyker. Always on the verge of madness. If you’re not into it, maybe try something else.

For the record i’m not saying the gory effects noise is bad. It sounds great. The issue is that you have airhorns blasting in your ears whenever you hit max peril.

The sounds fit thematically but they are very obnoxious, paired with the screen blur and other effects.

Psyker is a really fun class to play but the audio feedback just gets really tiresome, it needs to be at the bare minimum a bit quieter relative to the other sounds in the game.