Bots vs Thin Walls at the Blightreaper Finale

I’ve managed to record another issue with bots.
When you enterthe area of Sigmar temple where supplies are, bots can freeze in one place ignoring your commands.
This happens because they seem to be focused on killing enemies behind a thin wall but can’t reach them. Killing those enemies by yourself seems to fix the problem. However, this shouldn’t be a thing.
It’s a long present issue and I’ve faced it before many times.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Blightreaper with bots.
  2. Get inside Sigmar temple.
  3. If you’re lucky enough, there are gonna be enemies behind the wall.
  4. Bots will look at them ignoring everything else.

Here’s the video of the bug. Bots freeze until I kill marauders behind the wall:


I’m so glad you caught that. It happens on EVERY map.

War Camp is especially annoying where enemies can be up high and your bots will just stop following you but the enemies won’t come down so they end up getting stuck there until you’re far away enough for teleportation.

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