Bots vs Minigun After Patch 3.4.2

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed long ago, but managed to record only now due to various reasons. Patch 3.4.2 fixed bots’ behaviour around minigun. In reality, only partially.

First of all, bots still get into minigun fire line, not always though.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be an Outcast Engineer.
  2. Equip your minigun.
  3. Find enemies and start shooting them.
  4. At some point bots will start dancing around you while you’re firing (I think it happens when a player moves and turns while firing).

Here are some videos.
First one - bots stay away from fire line just fine, then decide to reposition themselves and walk into me getting friendly fired.
Second video - Kruber tries to move back into his supposive position when I stop shooting for a moment, gets hit when I continue, dodges back and tries again. I think bots don’t understand concept of firing bursts.

Secondly, bots don’t dodge from minigun fire at all in narrow spaces (Engines of War bridge, for example).
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be an Outcast Engineer.
  2. Lure your bots into a narrow space like corridor or log.
  3. Start firing.
  4. See them not moving at all.

Here’s the video:
Second one - almost the same thing inside a log. Bots walked in front of me and got hit by me bullets.

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