Bots vs Players' Aim

There’s another issue with bots. Sometimes (when I say sometimes, I mean really often) they deliberately step into a player’s crosshair.
I’m not sure if it’s really a bug or a design flaw, but it’s here and it’s INFURIATING and lethal if player is a Bounty Hunter or someone equally destructive.
Probably, it hapens because bots try to restore a linear formation and don’t really care if they stand between player and enemies. Would be nice if they did.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with bots.
  2. Try to shoot something.

Here’s the video example:


Hilarious example. I also struggle with this all the time. Even funnier with the beam staff, they just walk right on into the beam.

Bots in general should just avoid the player’s front 30 degree cone.

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Noticed that with Engineer, when you minigun a horde there is always that one bot who gets right in front of you and doesn’t even attack the horde, walk toward it or antything, he just stand there, eat your shots and hide your sight (and of course if you dodge to the side he will walk back in front of you)

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Honestly, since bots are suicidal about friendly fire, FF should just not be a thing with them.
I’m tired of going to pick off a Storm Vermin , or aiming at a Troll, and a bot leaps in front of me right as I fire.

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