Fix the bots walking into your crosshairs when you're using range!

Quick suggestion with bots, stop making them walk in front of you when you’re a range career and blocking your shots. If you pull your range weapon out the bots should actively try to stay out of your cross hairs and NOT walk into it, this is extremely annoying for Sienna, and Engineer players, and I’m sure any other range career too. I’m at the point where I’ve stopped caring and will shoot through any bot that walks into my path now.

Also on Skittergate a bot got stuck ontop of a tent by the third tome after being knocked off the cliff drop. Fix that too please. …Just fix the bot AI in general.


I like this idea. I would also implement it for players, who obviously cannot restrain themselves when they pass by someone aimng at the enemy (complaining about FF and ‘this is a melee game’, of course), even when there is an active beam. I wonder how the player-side upgrade would work, would some kind of neural link be required.

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I have no idea how you could prevent players from doing this nasty habit, all I know is that when I’m playing with bots as a range career, they infuriate me by how often they walk into my cross hairs and eat lead. Unless there’s a priority target, like say reviving a downed comrade you’re aiming at, the AI should actively avoid walking into your crosshairs and focus on guarding your sides and back instead because clearly we have the front covered as we’re shooting at it ffs.

Yes, I’ve been trying the Engi out mostly with bots because everyone else wants to try him out also, and the bots absolutely adore getting their behinds perforated by steam assisted automatic fire. The do it 100% if the time.


So do most of the players. Why kill this glimpse of humanity in the bots? It’s cruel.

Because they’re machines, not people!

Such speciesm…

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