Bots - Specials. Modded realm crash - Lost progress

Any chance of a fix for the Bots chasing after specials and pulling every thing on there way? :slight_smile:

  • I’ve tried using the mod “better combat bots” but I get a “backend error” crash every time I play on the modded realms and loose all progression even though I complete the level.

There’s no progress saving on the modded realm (just FYI)

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Modded realm is really a place you enter at you own risk - you can’t ask for fixes there, only in the official realm (else it’s got to be something huge, and must also occur in the official realm to be recognized).
There are a couple of mods out there when you use them wrong they will crash your game. The dev’s can’t fix something that’s out of their control, and that’s the whole deal with the modded realm. If you get those crashes (the backend error ones) in the official realm, you can then make a report about them here (and also add the session log).

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