Challenge board/rewards should be inaccessible from Modded Realm

Currently, you can click a “claim reward” button in the Challenge UI when in the modded realm, which naturally gives you a backend error (since the MR can’t access loot). Probably a good idea to either disable those buttons when in the Modded Realm or, if that’s not possible, to disable access to the Challenge board.

The latter solution is sub-par because I think the Challenge board will provide strong incentives for modded players to jump back over to the Official Realm to complete challenges.

It happens on the normal mode as well. They’re just having issues with crafting, and the challenge system. I’ve crashed 4 times now in less than 30 mins due to claiming my chests and melting down stuff.

Word. Those are definitely bugs but being able to click the “claim reward” buttons from the Modded Realm is an oversight.

Yea, I get a back end error from claiming rewards in the normal game as well. Check the forums, tons of posts about it.

We are in absolute agreement.