The backend has rejected the challenge

I keep getting this error when i claim items 100% of the time. It’s making the game VERY unfun as I cant claim any rewards along with every now and again getting the Backend error that crashes my game at end of mission around 50% of the time. And along with that the massive frame drops now and again get’s really annoying as well.

Can we confirm you’re playing on the normal realm, as opposed to the modded realm? This can be checked within the launcher, above the ‘Play’ button. :slight_smile:

k ill double check

I know this is an older thread, but I am having this issue and have been since I bought the game. That means that, after trying … geez, maybe 7 or 8 times over the span of 3 months… I have five hours in the game according to Steam, and I have never once been able to finish a quick-play and claim my rewards. Every time I try to claim I get the message:

Backedn rejected the challenge response

And my only option is Quit Game. I thought maybe it was just a temporary thing on your side, but this is ridiculous now. I haven’t been able to do the simplest thing in the game after five hours of investment.

I have tried on modded and non-modded realms, DX11 and DX12… I have verified files through Steam.

I need a fix or I need my money back.

HMB, I believe I’ve very recently responded to your query via the Support Portal. Sometimes it’s considered ‘Spam’, so be sure to check in there.

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