Backend rejected challenge (2)

So I made this topic 12 days ago (Backend rejected challenge) it’s acknowledged but is there any fix and or remedy to the problem incoming?

Are you still experiencing that particular crash? Development are looking in to it.

It’s gone down a lot but yes, I have still crashed a few times - especially after 3+ games. I will update with another reply and crash log once it happens again.


No crash log, it simply says “backend rejected challenge -> quit game” - the game does not “crash” per se. You have to manually close it and there’s no error screen.

I see, and is this still occurring whilst in the Bridge of Shadows during mission completion?

This occurs usually when loading back into keep after the mission score screen now.

I have had backend crash while loading a mission today as well.


I’ve been getting an increasing number of “unable to connect to servers” though.

Could you please try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel and letting me know whether you see an improvement?

Will do, I’ll edit this post after some games to see if there’s any improvement.


Most crashes disappear with this option enabled but load times are considerably longer, ending mission screen appears 1-2 minutes after entering blue bubble.

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