Crash claiming a reward and saves lost

  1. The game crash everytime i claim a reward of the daily o weekly quests.
  2. The game progress like level, number of kills ecc, are lost! This is really boring.
    I dont know if the two problems are related.
    I play on Mod Server with some approved mod
    Frame Firework,
    Bot improvemente combat
    Penlight Lua Libraries
    Simple UI
    Spawn Tweaks

This is a result of you playing on the modded realm unfortunately. Progression is halted on the modded realm to prevent exploitation.

I’d recommend that you switch over to the normal realm, there’s a variety of sanctioned mods that can be used in the normal realm.

ok i understand…then, please, can you sanction the Spawn Tweaks?
i love youre game but im so noob and i need to adjust the difficult :slight_smile:


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