Bots for Weaves!

Hi Fatshark

please add bots for weaves mode, it’s impossible to complete weaves alone
(nobody wants to play with me :frowning: )

thanks for reading


Agreed, this is the only way I will ever get them done.

Agreed…totally agreed. The weaves NEED bots

But but but… the Cheaterboards! How will we know who dominated the competition!!!

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You’re right. After all, it could turn out that bots are better :stuck_out_tongue:

Except they’re not, bots will help you through the recruit-champion ones, but after that, they aren’t prepared. To the OP, it should be possible, but I think it wasn’t included because bots would have to use your weave builds. Which honestly, it is less of a time investment to gear some bots for weaves than it is to level and gear 3 level 1 characters

But you know what irony means?

Isn’t it like goldy or bronzy only with iron?

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