Bots are taking too much fall damage

Bots are receiving too much damage from falling. Moreover, in such cases, when a live player will not receive damage at all.

For example, after a recent update:

Convocation of Decay

Fixed an issue where bots did not path down the hole leading to the 2nd Grimoire location.

Bots no longer teleport, but jump into this hole and take so much damage that they can die. At the same time, I take no damage in this place.

The same happens in some other places.


There are also places where they just can’t platform properly, like jumping down from the second grim in Hunger in the Dark.


I had a bot jump down to the healing items in blood in the darkness and cost me a grim. Both bots dropped down the 2 flights of stairs taking damage instead of jumping the gap in the stairs.

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