Bot friendly fire and packmasters

It seems like bots prefer to use melee against packmasters once they hook someone, which I assume is due to them trying to avoid friendly fire. But then they struggle to keep up with the beefy ratman as he hauls 300lbs of armor wearing Kruber around at a sprinter’s pace. This results in extremely long periods of swinging at the air and then trying to catch up again, and I was hoping we could get them to just shoot the rats and be done with it.

The worst bit is that bots can’t even cause FF.

Waystalker Kerillian will attempt to trueflight them, but as you say, will then immediately switch to melee and run after the packmaster. Same for the other aimbot, Pyro Sienna (if she’s still alive somehow).

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FF or no they could just see the hooked player as an obstacle they can’t (as far as they’re programmed to know) shoot through. So melee becomes the only option.