Bot dead, player spawns in alive - chaos wastes

When a bot is dead and a player joins, they join alive. Same with the other way around, if a player dies and leaves, the bot replacing them spawns alive.

Is this intentional? Didn’t see it mentioned anywhere but I could have missed it.

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Its a very good thing, bots are hopelessly stupid and die to any and every single thing so letting people join in on a clean slate is great.

At least mine are so, all 3 fighting in an open space against a chaos warrior and a goon or two and eating overheads is standard for them.

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Yeah. Also sometimes the very reverse. :joy:

Dont remind me of stuff like that :cry:

Watched 3 people die to a lonely spawn in an open field earlier and i had to solo the damn thing from 75% health on engi earlier today. I was not amused.

I made it…but died to the subsequent horde (extra specials) and my giant pile of 1200 pilgrim´s coins got wasted :sob:

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I think it’s tied to the save states if players and bots. For the same reason you retain all coins and abilities if you crash and rejoin the same game.

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