Your hero is unavalible

Thats nice, but if I wanted to play Kruber or Barden, I’d have queued up as them. Please give us the option to “skip” such lobbies and get back to searching for games we can join as the class we’ve choosen asap.

There is. You can turn off “Suggest other characters” in the network options and if there are no games with your selected character it’ll start a hosted game.


Was unaware of that, since its turned off in my options yet still offers the suggestion.
“Suggest other heroes” Off, still suggesting a swap during quick play.

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I think it happens when the matchmaker sees two people playing the same character at the same time in the queue and you lose the coin flip. Its giving you the chance to get into that queue pop on priority. I always just decline then rejoin and it puts me in the next available game.

I am/have been matchmaking’d into lobbies where my current hero is not available both with the “suggest others” networking option set to on and with it set to off. The setting does not work. Feels pretty high-quality to have settings that are lies and don’t do anything.

Glad to know its not just me. Had originally figured I was mistaken about the option, but yea, doesnt appear to do anything.

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