Bolter Draw animation bug when F (volley fire/exe stance)

Issue Type :

Weapons interactions with abilities

Issue Description :

What you normally get while holding your melee weapon if you F you get a hasted version of your draw animation and you are able to start shooting immediately

if you press F during your swap weapons animation the visual effect of the hastened draw animation overright the previus animation, but in reality you are still doing the long animation and you can’t shoot for a fiew seconds even if your weapon looks ready

its most noticiable with bolter since it has a big difference between long and short animation, but this don’t exclude its an issue with every gun

Steps to Reproduce:

With Executioner’s Stance / Volley Fire ability press F during swap animation from melee to ranged

You won’t be able to shoot for a cuple of seconds elegedly wasting value from your F


Constant (100%)

PC - Steam

this is pressing F with melee weapon equipped and holding left mouse button

managed to take 3 shots while holding left mouse button and the volley fire buff is still fresh


this is when pressing F while changing weapons


when i can finally start shooting my Buff is almost half way gone

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