Bodvarr Left the Arena (Temporarily)

For the first time in my VT2 experience I witnessed a miracle.
Turns out, Bodvarr can now climb out of the arena. Is it really a bug or just a new feature?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play War Camp and to the lord.
  2. Stand near the entrance during the fight and force Bodvarr to charge into you (?).

Here’s the screenshot. He just stood there, encouraging his minios, but they didn’t show up until he returned to the arena.

And console logs, if it can help:
console-2021-11-10-16.00.54-c4628262-fedd-413f-b0cc-e521a1dd9088.log (2.2 MB)


Bodvarr’s even more of a hypocrite than before lol

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