[Blood for the Blood God] Taal's Horn Keep - Forgot to set the proper weather for the event!

Current keep looks like this

Neat skulls, but there’s something missing! here’s a screenshot from the keep in previous blood god events

The weather! The really dark and creepy and reddish weather.
Notice how in the top screenshot, there’s still a reddish sort of light, prolly a light added from the event’s keep decorations, but without the ‘weather setting’ to support it it looks like a very, very pale pink.

I got a sunny, cheerful day in my keep today :sweat_smile:


There is that red weather but sometimes its bugs out and dont even show skulls :stuck_out_tongue:

this has been fixed since I posted this!
I think. my keep is all properly gloomy after the shallya frame got added, at least!